Company Donations

If you are a company there is an easy way to support the Takiwasi Center with no cost.

According to the Peruvian Income Tax Law, companies registered in Peru that make donations can enjoy some tax benefits.

The Takiwasi Center is accredited by the Sunat as "Entidad Perceptora de Donaciones" Organization that can receive Donations) through government resolution number 189-005-0001168.

Therefore, the company that make a donation to our NGO can deduct the amount of the donation from its Annual Income Tax, up to a maximum of 10% of the annual global net income, after making the compensation of losses.

The donation can be made through our Paypal or through one of our Bank Accounts.

Takiwasi will handle the paperwork of the donation, will send you a certificate that credits the amount of the donation so that it can be used for tax benefits before the Sunat, and will keep you informed about the scope and impact of your financial aid.

All the benefits for your company:

  • Improved corporate image thanks to solidary action
  • Tax benefits
  • Certificate of donation
  • Appearance in our social media

If after reviewing this donor’s guide you still have questions and would like to receive more information regarding the donation process, please contact us at the following e-mails:
Phone: +51 (042) 522818