Ayahuasca use in the new-age context

During the last International Transpersonal Conference 2017, held in Prague (29/9 – 1/10) Dr. Jacques Mabit presented a lecture called: “Ayahuasca use in the new-age context”.

Abstract of the lecture:

Over the last years, ayahuasca has come to represent the probably most widely-used substance in the context of the search for meaning and the mental health context on a global scale. This exponentially rising usage has so far mainly drawn on currents from the new-age movement, rather than on concepts from the scientific paradigm or from Judeo-Christian spiritual or religious traditions. Yet, some features of the new-age movement are in stark contrast to the traditional medicines paradigm, as well as to the indigenous groups this medicine originally stems from. We wish to highlight some of these contradictions, as well as the dangers and confusions they may hold.

You can watch the full conference here: Ayahuasca use in the new-age context .