Foros Internacionales: Espiritualidad Indígena y Mundo Occidental

A new book published by the Takiwasi Center

On September 21st 2017 an event was held to present the book "Foros Internacionales: Espiritualidad Indígena y Mundo Occidental" (International Forums: Indigenous Spirituality and the Western World), that was also a chance to celebrate the 25th anniversar of the Takiwasi Center.

This book gives an account of three spaces of intercultural dialogue that established bridges between the indigenous world and the western world, according to the mission of the Takiwasi Center, institution that organized them and that now publishes these reports. The meetings, of international significance, brought together academics, scientists, indigenous leaders, spiritual guides and traditional healers-doctors, in search for a constructive dialogue between their respective knowledge systems. The compilers, Jacques Mabit and Ilana Berlowitz, have gathered in this book the reports of the following meetings:

This event was held in Tarapoto in November 2015. It addressed the theme of "Good Living" and its connotations of "Rituality, healing and daily life" taking into consideration the needs of indigenous ancestral societies, the mestizo world and Western societies.

It also took place in Tarapoto in November 2015. In this meeting new perspectives were raised to face the serious problems of dependency that indigenous societies are experiencing, elaborating a new paradigm that articulates traditional values and knowledge with the most healthy contributions of Western culture.

Carried out in Huarochirí, Lima, in June 2015. It showed that the indigenous ancestral wisdom sources and the contributions of the Christian Western world, coming together in a judicious and respectful way, can provide solutions, especially to face the destruction of the environment and the generalized violence.

The book “Foros Internacionales: Espiritualidad Indígena y Mundo Occidental” is currently on sale at the price of 15 dollars. To know about shipping costs, you can contact:

The publication of this book was made possible thanks to the financial support of Fondation Assistance Internationale. The revenues from its sale will support the residential treatment of patients with limited economic resources and the other activities of the Center. Through this link you can find other publications of the Takiwasi Center: Takiwasi Bookstore.