The way of the plants - an itinerary around traditional knowledge in Latin America

Structured around five episodes recorded in Latin America, this documentary series gives an account on the complexity of the debates around symbolic plants. Each story is embodied by a person or a group. Based on an intimate narrative, "The way of the plants" provides a subjective immersion closer to the point of view of the locals.

Through these testimonies, the directors, Aurélie Marques and Louis Bidous, want to show the value of indigenous knowledge, while rethinking the interaction between their culture and the dynamics of the modern world, which becomes necessary. Behind the use of plants, we must imagine another conception of our relationship to the others and to the world.

In the episode "The meeting of knowledges", recorded at the Takiwasi Center, they explore the origins of drug addiction, the combination of conventional and traditional medicine, the power of visionary plants, the transformation of shamanic practices and scientific research on indigenous knowledge. Through the use of plants at the Takiwasi Center, we discover the richness hidden in the association of Western medicine and traditional knowledge.

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