Global survey of Ayahuasca drinking

The Global Ayahuasca Project is a multidisciplinary research project based at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and being undertaken in partnership with an international team of researchers from Brazil, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

The project aims to increase understanding of the drinking of ayahuasca in different contexts around the globe and is exploring motivations and contexts of drinking, reported effects on health and well-being, and any potential risks.

The first research activity of the project is a Global survey of ayahuasca drinking, which has so far been completed by over 3000 people in 35 countries. Please share your experiences of ayahuasca in the survey.

Takiwasi is collaborating in this project and data collected via the link below will also allow for the analysis of data specific to Takiwasi visitors.

To find out more and start the survey click on the following link. This link is specifically for people that have participated in Takiwasi ayahuasca ceremonies.
Global survey of Ayahuasca drinking .