Therapeutic Model

The therapeutic model that is applied in the TAKIWASI Center is innovative and unique in its genre. It is characterized by the combination of the resources of psychological and medical conventional therapies with the ones of the Amazonian traditional medicines. Therefore, a curative tripod is conformed, comprising three complementary therapeutic workspaces, which provide mutual feedback:

  • Cohabitation

It follows the general model of therapeutic communities, offering an instance of self-observation and restructuring through the daily life and domestic chores.

  • Psychotherapy

It takes into account a diversity of instruments for the individual or collective approach to the issues that arise with the cohabitation and as a consequence of the use of traditional medicine plants.

  • Traditional medicine plants

They closely accompany the patients in each stage of the treatment, for both the initial detoxification and for the exploration of their own inner world.

There is a special emphasis in the ritual and controlled use of medicinal plants with psychosomatic effects, in accordance with the Amazonian tradition. These practices require, for a good result, the strict observation of certain rules: special diets, sexual abstinence (including masturbation), absence of stimulators, quiet life and concentration, proper sleep rhythms, physical activity and rest, baths and sauna, etc. Thus, a specific diet is part of the treatment: fritters and excess of sweet and salt are avoided; condiments and coffee are prohibited; and few milk products are permitted. Smoking is not allowed during the treatment.

The therapeutic team is trained in the use of medicinal plants. It is a tradition in the Center that every therapist goes through a process of initiation and self-exploration with Amazonian traditional medicine. This ensures a true therapeutic relationship and empathic accompaniment in the patient’s personal healing process.

The therapeutic activities are always led by professionals. Patients are not ranked by seniority. No patient is responsible for other patient’s care or for directing therapeutic activities.

Poison Plants or Remedy Plantas?

Interview with Dr. Jacques Mabit, CEO and founder of Takiwasi Center.