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January 12 January 21 Finished
February 16 February 25 Finished
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July 27 August 05 Complete
September 07 September 16 Open
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November 02 November 11 Complete
November 30 December 09 Open


S/. 2,000 nuevos soles

You can pay in foreign currency using the exchange rate of the day.

Also with VISA credit card, with a minimum fee.

This price does not include accommodation and alimentation outside the days of the diet.

What does a Diet consist of?

A "Diet" in the TAKIWASI Center consists of a personal retreat to the mountain, generally for 10 days, in isolation, with the ritualized ingestion of the so-called “master plants”, accompanied by a special diet and strict psychical and psychological norms.

In this way, a special contact with nature is created, and dedicated to a physical and energetic depuration that eliminates substances that block sensibility. This favors dream production, remembrance of past situations and experiences that weren’t well-processed, deep introspection and ultimately, an encounter with the "inner master".

We open an inner door that allow us to make contact with our deep self, but that at the same time puts us in a vulnerable situation. That’s why, the norms of energetic protection are rigorous both for the person that is doing the diet and for to the one who attends him. It is important to avoid excessive physical effort, exposure to sun, rain, fire, certain tastes and smells (including the ones coming from cleaning supplies), contact with other people (especially sick, menstruating women and people who have had recent sexual intercourse), or situations that generate stress. Sexual abstinence is required, careful disposal of excreta and the strict adherence to a special diet.

Even though each healer (shaman) imposes its rules in accordance with the plants that are ingested, in the vast majority of cases it is only allowed the intake of rice, oat, roasted (karantin) or boiled (inguiri) green bananas, all prepared without salt, nor any sweet or flavorings, and served once or twice a day (eventually one fasts). During the diet you will be attended by a therapist, and will be visited three times by a psychologist, to help integrate the experience. These will be the only people you will see.

At the end of this retreat the diet is cut. A healer (shaman) sings (“icara”) in the patient’s energetic points and gives him a mixture of lemon, onion, garlic, pepper and salt. He can feel the restorative effect of the salt immediately. After that the patient takes his first meal (after 8 days), which consists of a chicken soup with vegetables. The next day they return to the city. As the plant that was ingested during the diet still continues to act, some restrictions continue for a variable period of time (15 to 30 days).

The person should not eat anything sweet (not even natural fruits), pork, spicy foods, liqueur; nor be in contact with intense perfumes or have sex, or visit people that is ill or go to a wake (ceremony). All these situations involve the risk of physical and/or mental energy disruption, which sometimes can be remarkable and would require a proper treatment of energy regulation.

Personal contents that emerge during the diet include events and issues of vital importance to every person, very intimate and strongly linked to blocks and traumas. It is therefore necessary, in a further psychotherapeutic work, to analyze and clarify everything that emerged during the diet, and to project what was learned into the future and apply it to everyday life. Thus the diet is a preferred learning space.


With certain plants we observe, in some cases, malaise, generalized or localized pain, vomiting, irritability, dizziness or diarrhea, but in no case these effects were important enough as to stop the diet. These symptoms are manifestations of a temporary general purification. Insomnia is frequent, but there is a marked increase in the dream activity and a sensory amplification, effects that will persist after restarting the salt intake.

There may also be pleasurable effects such as pleasant visions, a sense of integration with nature, expanding consciousness, and connection with spirituality and the transcendent.

We cannot attribute these effects to a unique particular agent, thus favorable conditions coexist with synergic effects: the physical space in contact with nature, the ritual space dedicated to this retreat (were the notion of time is obviated), the isolation, lack of physical activity, the diet and the plants that are ingested.