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Who we are

Fotografia de entrada del Centro Takiwasi

Takiwasi Center entrance
Tarapoto - Perú 

Fotografia de entrada del Centro Takiwasi


             Takiwasi´s Presentation

Takiwasi is a Center for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts and For Research on Traditional Medicines that started operating in Tarapoto City, Peru.

Since 1992, it has been managing an alternative of treatment for one of the contemporaneous problems that is affecting to many persons from different social and cultural conditions, as soon as different ages: The Drug Addiction.

It was created as result of six years of research work in the Peruvian Upper Amazon (Department of San Martin), the worldâ³ largest coca leaf producing zone, which is also one of the prime consumers of cocaine base.

Itâ³ general objective is "to reappraisal the human and natural resources of the traditional medicines, and to devise a real therapeutic alternative to drug addiction". This objective has to be:

  • Effective
  • Low budget
  • Culturally adaptable

Takiwasi methodology consists in associate:

  • Modern medicine with the empirical knowledge of the Amazon healers and shamans
  • Fundamental and applied research (psycho-clinical)
  • Researchers and practitioners of different disciplines and nationalities
  • Therapeutical, scientific, ecological, cultural and humanitarian concerns