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Plant Intake

Takiwasi accepts in residential treatment only to people who present a problem of addiction, be it legal or illegal substances, or some addictive other behavior (gambling, games, sex, computer, compulsive shopping, etc.). For these cases, see the section Treatment .

Takiwasi cannot accept (except special cases) people in residential or outpatient treatment that present:

  • a serious dependence on psychotropic drugs consumed with therapeutic prescription and superimposed on a previous addiction to drugs that are still consumed.
  • a severe psychiatric illness (psychosis, schizophrenia ...) prior to drug use.
  • a severe or terminal organic disease (especially if advanced immune deficiencies).
  • a serious disability affecting the degree of autonomy.
  • a lack of marked sociability that makes coexistence impossible.
  • the need for medical follow-up or specialized or ongoing care (eg insulin-dependent diabetes).

Takiwasi is not an open clinic but a rehabilitation center with residential patients. Our work is oriented towards people capable, despite their pathology or suffering, to assume a minimum of personal autonomy and community coexistence.

Takiwasi reserves the right of admission and can suspend treatment if considered necessary.

Takiwasi does not expect to cure cancer or autoimmune or degenerative diseases. At the same time certain people carrying out a work of personal evolution receive benefits and substantial improvements in their health and even complete the full healing process in some cases.

Takiwasi offers an open psychological examination: it is necessary to ask for an appointment in advance by telephone.

The first examination to ask for a treatment and study its feasibility is totally free.


Several visitors (short-time visitors, practitioners, volunteers, researchers) wish to have an experience with the process of Amazonian medicinal plants in the framework of the protocol proposed by Takiwasi. This can be done during About the Catharsis Process a organized each year by the Center or during short visits or longer stays as ambulatory patients.

Warning: Out of the Catharsis Process, priority is given to resident patients, so visitors should adjust to the availability of the Center. The spots available to participate in sessions (purges, ayahuasca, diets) are limited and therefore could be completed at any time. In this case we would be unable to include new people in those sessions.

Plant intakes can be accessed under the following conditions:

  • Fill out the personal health form (provided by the Center).
  • Indicate their motivations to carry out this process.
  • Receive the endorsement of the Center with the approval and signing of the personal file (health form and motivation letter) by the doctor in charge.
  • Pay the agreed amount (the fee changes according to the visitor's socio-economic status, origin, established protocol and final agreement) each visitor will have a referred therapist within the therapeutic team in charge of the personal follow-up.

Main treatments offered:

  • Saunas and plant baths (available at any time).
  • Purges (vomiting plants): Monday and Thursday afternoons.
  • Ayahuasca session: once a week, usually on Tuesday night. The exact day of the Ayahuasca session is scheduled every Monday based on the Center's weekly program of activities. Pre-purging is a mandatory condition to get access to the Ayahuasca session. Maximum 15 participants. Although it is routinary, Takiwasi does not guarantee in any way this weekly session: depending on the circumstances of the moment the day of the session can be changed and in some cases canceled.
  • Diets: an isolation period of 10 days in the jungle that includes intakes of medicinal plants (master plants of initiation and cleaning). It is done once a month: see the year’s schedule. Maximum 19 participants.