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Volunteering at TAKIWASI

Takiwasi Center can receive a limited number of volunteers from different nationalities and disciplines. We will give priority exclusively to those people who can offer a specific service to the Center and that respond to our interest and to a particular internal need.

The presence in the Center, in contact with patients with severe drug addiction, requires specific rules of conduct that are also indicated in the section Visit Takiwasi. In addition to these general rules you should consider the following:

  • The volunteering period at Takiwasi Center cannot exceed 6 months.
  • The volunteer is in charge of all his travel expenses, including food and accommodation, for the entire duration of his stay. Takiwasi is not a life community, we do not provide accommodation services and our primary service is dedicated to the treatment and care of resident patients.
  • The support given in a volunteering context is by its very nature a spontaneous, optional and voluntary contribution, and therefore the Center does not provide any compensation for those who wish to live this kind of experience.

It is possible to undertake the volunteer service in one of the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Library
  • Laboratory of natural products
  • Therapy (in this case we will exclusively accept professionals with experience in the treatment of addictions).

Volunteering does not include the intake of Amazonian medicinal plants at Takiwasi Center. If a person is interested in participating to the process of plants intake, he has to adapt to the registration process of the Retreats/Diets or Seminars that is independent from the enrollment as volunteer. This must be done at the same moment but in a separate form from the request to volunteer. It is not possible to incorporate, during your volunteering at Takiwasi, intake of plants that have not been planned in advance. In case of approval, the modalities and costs of the therapy with plants will be then determined. There is no possibility of exchanging volunteer services with plant therapy.

People with no previous experience, particularly young people with no training or specific skills necessary to the Center, have little chance of being able to insert themselves in Takiwasi in a useful and profitable way. In this case, we recommend you to check out the following links of NGOs that carry out their mission in Peru and receive requests from volunteers:

Indigenous Center for Support to Orphans and Abandoned Children
Contact : José Yaun Petsa +51 942091420
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NGO specialized in volunteer work in Peru with an archive of non-profit associations hosting volunteers.

Contact: Jaime Ulloa -

Platform that brings together volunteers and NGOs from all over the world.
Urku (Tarapoto), NGO for sustainable development and protection of the environment.

Contact: Ing. Daniel Vecco -
Asociación para la Niñez y su Ambiente (ANIA)

Contact: Joaquin Leguia -
Asociación Ciudad de Los Niños de la Inmaculada (ACNI)

Contact: P.Omar Sánchez -

Latin American global network of volunteers for a better world

Comunidad Sagrada Familia

Contact: Miguel Rodríguez

Tél.: 997210228 / 5500372

Platform that allows volunteers to visit NGOs all over the world