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About the Cleansing Process

Cleansing in Takiwasi is a process consisting of a simultaneous physical and psychic cleansing, through purification methods that involve medicinal plants, diet and psychotherapeutic follow-up.

The Cleansing process is carried out in the city of Tarapoto, in the facilities of the Takiwasi Center. During the stay, the person participating in this process can book a room in a hotel and is allowed to walk around in the city at any time, with certain precautions. The process consists in: purging plants, daily plants of slow “impregnation”, plant baths and finally a session of Purgahuasca.

It will take place from 02 to 11 October 2017.

This method allows to have access (in a short time and at a lower cost) to a deep therapeutic and healing process that involves the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. It is accompanied from the beginning until the end by experienced professionals of the Takiwasi Center.


The cost of the detoxification process is S /. 1,200.00 new soles (around 375 USD)

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation and food expenses will be covered by the participant in full (except for the food for the 4 days ginger diet that will be provided by Takiwasi), from the day of the arrival until the return.

It is recommended that you arrive at least 1 day before the beginning of the process and that your return is scheduled at least 1 day after your final interview.

Takiwasi can recommend cheap accommodations in family home, hostels and hotels near our Center.

How to apply

To apply to the Cleansing process and determine if this therapeutic method meets your needs, you must send us the following documents:

  • A Complete Health Form (Download).
  • A Motivation Letter (3 pages maximum):

    See the Guide on how to write the Motivation Letter and the most important topics to include in it.

The Cleansing process includes: two purges, one ginger purge/diet, one Purgahuasca session, three psychological interviews, two plant baths, one Biodance workshop and daily intakes of impregnation plants as scheduled.

For more information please write to:


Instructions to write the motivation letter

The objective when working with plants in Takiwasi is therapeutic. We ask for a detailed motivation letter in order to get to know you better and to evaluate your request. We would appreciate this letter to be short (maximum 3 pages), and covering the following aspects: