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The Takiwasi Center has a library specialized in traditional medicines, which holds a fund of more than 4,900 books, 2,000 articles and 300 audio-visual elements mainly related to the fields of ethnomedicine, indigenous spirituality, psychology, anthropology, drug addictions and botany. It is a unique resource for the domestic and foreign researchers who have free access to it. Takiwasi's resident patients also benefit from its contents.

Takiwasi also has a collection of digital documents which includes a wide variety of books and articles related to medicinal plants, spirituality and psychology topics, among others. These contents, accessible through our website, are organized according to three classification groups: Articles produced by Takiwasi, Documents of general interest and Theses and research works carried out by domestic and foreign students and researchers.

The Center also develops its own editorial line that has several magazines, documentaries and books that are available for sale in our Store, whether in physical or digital format.

Featured Article

Coca and Ayahuasca: same destiny?

Author: Dr. Jacques Mabit

Published in the blog of the collective of researchers and activists Drogas, Política y Cultura, June 2018. - READ FULL TEXT


While Peru built the magnificent Inca civilization aided by the wisdom provided by the Coca leaf, it later became the first producer of toxic derivatives of this profaned plant. On the other hand, the healing use of Ayahuasca was discovered a few decades ago and in a short time its use exploded all over the world. What did the use of Coca in Western world respond to and what does the use of Ayahuasca respond to today? What can the path followed with Coca teach us in relation to the use of Ayahuasca? Will the accelerated desacralization of this medicine reach the same extremes as the misuse of Coca?

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