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The Takiwasi Center has a library specialized in traditional medicines, which holds a fund of more than 4,900 books, 2,000 articles and 300 audio-visual elements mainly related to the fields of ethnomedicine, indigenous spirituality, psychology, anthropology, drug addictions and botany. It is a unique resource for the domestic and foreign researchers who have free access to it. Takiwasi's resident patients also benefit from its contents.

Takiwasi also has a collection of digital documents which includes a wide variety of books and articles related to medicinal plants, spirituality and psychology topics, among others. These contents, accessible through our website, are organized according to three classification groups: Articles produced by Takiwasi, Documents of general interest and Theses and research works carried out by domestic and foreign students and researchers.

The Center also develops its own editorial line that has several magazines, documentaries and books that are available for sale in our Store, whether in physical or digital format.

Featured Article

Exploring the use of Amazonian Plant Diets in Europe

Author: Giorgia Tresca

Master thesis in Environmental Anthropology, University of Kent, UK, October 2018.


In the Peruvian amazon, among both mestizo and various indigenous groups, medicinal plants are often employed by apprenticing curanderos or shamans in the practice of dieta or diet. This practice involves the ingestion of high concentrations of medicinal plants in social seclusion, whilst abiding to dietary and sexual restrictions. Diet is also used as a healing technique by lay people, usually under the supervision of a shaman Within a context of internationalisation of Peruvian shamanism, European individuals who apprenticed as shamans in Peru are making use of Diet in their country of origin both to learn and heal with plants of the European flora. This research will focus on exploring the way diets are conducted in a European context.

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