Admission and Cost

Admission to Takiwasi is a short process, but not immediate. We appreciate the collaboration of family members in the first place, but after the first contact all communication should be directly between the patient and Takiwasi, since all admission criteria are based on the patient's personal motivation.

We suggest that the first contact be made by sending an email with the subject "Request for treatment" to Once the first contact is made, the therapeutic team will indicate the steps to follow.

A basic medical and psychological evaluation is performed at the beginning via email. The process also requires some telephone interviews or preferably via Skype, in order to evaluate more directly any possible doubts that may arise, but above all to investigate the motivation of the person for the treatment.

If the candidate and his family agree with the treatment conditions and the indications are met during the admission process, the therapeutic team will set the date of admission.

Admission Criteria

Takiwasi has a particular admission process. All the applications are evaluated and must be written by the ones interested in receiving the treatment, whom shall directly contact Takiwasi sending a letter of treatment request consigning his personal and addictive story, addiction substances used, consumption time, treatment attempts, criminal history, past and present diseases, and their personal motivations for further treatment. The applicant must also fill out a Health Form and sign a Commitment letter.

According to our operations authorization, Takiwasi can only accept in residential treatment male patients between 18 and 59 years of age. Women seeking for residential treatment should consider that unfortunately our Center can only receive male patients due to the fact that Peruvian law prohibits the coexistence of men and women in the same Therapeutic Community. However, for women seeking treatment, we can eventually offer the Retreat/Diet as a possible step in their therapeutic process, after evaluating their situation.

We are always evaluating requests for treatment of both Peru and abroad. According to the vacancies and to the coordination made the date of admission is fixed. The first three months there will be no direct contact with family members. Avoiding all contact with the outside world is intended to facilitate reflection and awareness. However, family members may contact the people in charge of the Center in order to know the state of health of their family member.

Takiwasi reserves the right of admission and may suspend treatment if considers it appropriate. We accept in residential treatment only people who present an addiction problem, be it to legal or illegal substances, or some addictive behavior (bets, games, sex, computer, compulsive shoppingg, etc.).

Takiwasi is a rehabilitation center open to people capable, despite their pathology or suffering, of assuming a minimum of personal autonomy and community coexistence. Takiwasi cannot accept (except for specific cases) in residential or outpatient treatment patients who have the following conditions:

  • A serious dependence on psychotropic medications by therapeutic prescription and superimposed on a previous addiction to drugs that continue to be consumed.
  • A severe psychiatric condition (psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.) prior to drug use.
  • A severe or terminal organic pathology (especially very advanced immune deficiencies).
  • A disability seriously affecting the degree of autonomy.
  • A marked lack of sociability preventing coexistence.
  • The need for medical follow-up or specialized or constant assistance (for example, insulin-dependent diabetes).

Treatment Costs

For inquiries about the treatment cost please write to Payment is made in advance at the beginning of each month, without refund if the treatment is interrupted. This cost does not include consultations and treatments for other medical specialties that could emerge during the treatment. An additional amount shall be foreseen for other expenses, such as mail, phone calls, cloths, etc. A relative would be identified as economically responsible, and will sign a commitment with the administrator of the Center.

For people from abroad an average of $100 (dollars) should be considered every three months, to regularize their visa after the expiration of the first. These are costs that are not covered by TAKIWASI. On admission to the country it is recommended to apply for a tourist visa for three months. Repatriation insurance shall be required to be admitted to treatment, to be hired by the applicant in the country of origin.

The management of the economic and administrative aspects is exclusively run between the administration office and the relative in charge. Therapists and residents are not included in this relationship, staying totally aloof from this aspect in order to protect the therapeutic bond.

Takiwasi offers the possibility of grants for local patients, whose award will be assessed after a previous study of the socioeconomic situation of the patient and his family. It is important that the community knows that Takiwasi always seeks a solution. There are indigent patients who do not contribute anything financially and yet are always cared for. Takiwasi has never rejected for lack of money someone really motivated to heal.