Plant Bath

The plant bath is a therapy traditionally used in Amazonian medicine for the energetic cleansing of the body and mind and to attract good luck. In these times of confinement, fear and great emotional stress the plant bath can be very useful and recommended to relieve symptoms such as anxiety, depression and anguish, release emotional tension in general and relax thanks to the healing and protective action of medicinal plants such as Mucura, Shapiyoja, Toe, Rue, Basil, and several flowers, etc.

At Takiwasi the plant bath is carried out in a ritualized way and is accompanied by a soplada or ikarada, a method that consists in charging energetically a vehicle (tobacco, flower water, camphor, perfume, etc.) by singing on it, and then applying it on the patients by blowing on their energetic points (head, hands, back, chest), to reassure or protect.

It is an excellent way to release stress in general, relax, eliminate tension, dispel anxiety and anguish. A natural way to eliminate bad energies and protect yourself with the power of the Amazon rainforest.

In the Amazonian tradition, in addition to the plant bath, we have the so-called flowering bath for which a greater number of flowers are used, and that is traditionally reserved for special occasions such as New Years, weddings, anniversaries, with the specific goal of attracting good luck.

Price: S/. 80 soles per person.
Duration of treatment: 40 minutes.
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Baño de Florecimiento

Don José presents the ritual bath with Amazonian plants and flowers.

Plants Intake

Several visitors wish to experience a healing process with Amazonian medicinal plants in the framework of the protocol proposed by Takiwasi. This can be done during open therapeutic spaces that are established every year by the Center (see: Retreats/Diets or Seminars) or during short visits or longer stays as ambulatory patients.

Out of these established spaces, priority is given to resident patients, so visitors should adjust to the availability of the Center. The spots available to participate in sessions (purges, ayahuasca, diets) are limited and therefore could be completed at any time. In this case we would be unable to include new people in those sessions.

Plant intakes can be accessed under the following conditions:

  • Fill out the personal Health Form (Download).
  • Write a Motivation Letter indicating the reasons to undertake this process.
  • Receive the endorsement of the Center with the approval and signing of the personal file by the doctor in charge.
  • Pay the agreed amount. The fee may change according to the visitor's socio-economic status, origin, established protocol and final agreement. Each visitor will have a referred therapist, within the therapeutic team, in charge of the personal follow-up.
Toma de plantas - Takiwasi

Takiwasi does not expect to cure cancer nor autoimmune or degenerative diseases. At the same time certain people carrying out a work of personal evolution can obtain benefits and substantial improvements in their health and even reach full healing in some cases.

Takiwasi offers an open psychological examination: it is necessary to ask for an appointment in advance by telephone. The first examination to ask for a treatment and study its feasibility is totally free.

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